Donors & Friends

Your donation to our program helps our students prepare and obtain a college education that will enable them to become productive members of our community. A donation of any size helps make a difference. Thank you for helping us open the door of opportunity!

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$10,000 and up

Bradley S. Anderson
John D. Baker, II
Ball Family Fund
Wendy Druce Durden
Carol Gilliland
Diane Graham
Hampton Graham
Joan and Preston Haskell
Delores and Allen Lastinger
Joannie Newton
Ruth Owen
Robert T. Shircliff
Brook and Hap Stein
Jim and Kelly Swanson
Peter W. Swanson
Mary Virginia Terry

Delores Barr Weaver Fund
at The Community Foundation
for Northeast Florida


$5,000 – $9,999

Lynn and Bob Alligood
Monica and Bob Jacoby
David A. Stein


$1,000 – $4,999

Bosland Family Foundation
Ruth Conley
Franklin Danley
Isabelle and Bob Davis
Jean and Tom Dodson
Josie Flaherty
Ann and George Gibbs
Denise Kowkabany
Maxine Kroll
Helen and Edward Lane, Jr.
Irene Lazzara
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth and Walter McRae
Ann and Steve Pajcic
Frances and Gordon Polley

Antonia M. Porterfield
in honor of Irene Helen McGinley

Jane and Joel Settembrini
Mary Jane and Jack Uible
James Winston


$10 – $999

Marilyn and Alvin Carpenter
Pete Carpenter
Harold Catlin
Preston Hood Chevrolet
Elizabeth Cooledge
William Cooper
Alice Coughlin
Alexandra and William Daugherty
R. Chris and Stephanie Doerr
Susan and Edward Doherty
Celeste Donovan
A. Thomas Dudley
Mikey Edgerton
Frances O. Fowler
Taylor Hood
Anne Hopkins
Beryl and Edward Johnson
Rita H. Joost
R. Stephen and Sharon Lucie
Dr. Joseph and Carrie Marasco, Jr.
Frances McCurry
Julie and Michael McKenny
Paula McGarvey
Suzanne and Michael Miller
Claudia Naughton
Dorothy and John Nutant
Marian and Earl Poitevent
Clayton Porter
Brian Putnal
Ed Rahn
Debra and Robert Rains
Natalie and Mark Rosenberg
John Saalfield
Howard Serkin
Susan and Bruce Smathers
Mark Spatola
Joe Stokes
William Stone
B. Dewitt and Kathleen Storm
David M. Strickland
C.G. Strum
Sally Surface
Rosalind and John Toshach
Jean Tranquille
Sheila and Roger Williams
Sylvia Wren