sara“Focus on Excellence is truly an amazing organization. Focus on Excellence motivates an individual to maintain good grades and to manage time well. This program prepares one for college  and how to succeed in life. The staff cares for every one of their students, they believe in us, and put all their effort to make sure we know that we can do whatever we set our mind to.” –  Sara Gebrezgibher, Focus on Excellence Scholar, Bishop Snyder High School

“Since my first meeting with the representatives of Focus on Excellence, I have been amazed at their commitment to improving the lives of young people in the Jacksonville area. It sounds too good to be true, but Focus on Excellence has already made a significant impact, both through financial assistance and academic incentives, on the lives of a number of students at Episcopal High School. We are blessed to have them in our community!”
– Ms. Peggy Fox, Director of Admissions, Episcopal High School

“Focus On Excellence has been a blessing to our students at Bishop John J. Snyder High School.  It has given them a tremendous opportunity to develop their academic potential while providing them a safe environment in which to grow personally and spiritually.  Mr. Burns and Mr. Broadnax care about each and every one of these students and do whatever it takes to assist them and their families.  Bishop John J. Snyder High School truly appreciates what Focus On Excellence has done to provide a quality educational environment for these students.”
Mrs. Maryanne Briggs, Administrative Assistant, Director of Enrollment, Bishop J. Snyder High School

“Focus On Excellence offers hope, guidance, structure and accountability to students in need of a mentor.  This program has been a Godsend to the students and we are grateful to be partnered with such a caring group.”
– Mr. Frank Ciresi, Lead Pastor, University Baptist Church / University Christian School

“Focus On Excellence is an answer to a prayer, delivered by an angel, Mr. Marcus Broadnax.  Because of these two entities, my son has been given the educational opportunity of a lifetime.  From day one Mr. Broadnax has been a very authentic individual making things happen.  For this my family and I are very grateful.”
– Floyd and Marie Patterson, parents of Focus on Excellence Scholar

“Thank you Focus On Excellence for all the support and guidance you have given to us.  My grandson had worked very hard on his education, but we could no longer meet the cost.  Without your help we would have to return to public school and we would be lost.  God bless you for stepping in.”
Ms. Peggy Marchant, parent of Focus on Excellence Scholar

“Focus On Excellence is an outstanding program which will help to provide my children with an educational opportunity that I might not have been able to provide.  In a world where it is hard to find people willing to give of themselves in order to help a family in need, Director Broadnax went above and beyond to make this program successful for not only my family, but for many other families as well.  His passion for this program and his attitude towards wanting to help people are a breath of fresh air.”
– Gregg and Dawn Mattson, parents of Focus on Excellence Scholar