Qualifying Criteria

girlOur scholars receive partial scholarships to attend participating private high schools that offer a true college prep experience. Families are responsible for expenses that are not covered by our program or partner schools.

Basic Criteria

  • Student is entering the 9th grade and has been accepted at a participating private high school
  • Student maintains a GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Student must have recommendations from their current teachers and administrative staff
  • Student must go through an interview process
  • Student must write an essay as to why they should be considered for our program
  • Student must plan to attend college
  • Student agrees to meet with Focus on Excellence staff on a monthly basis to make sure they stay on track

Financial Criteria

  • Parents must meet certain financial requirements to prove need
  • Parents must complete a financial statement and provide tax returns
  • Parents understand our program offers HELP, not a free ride!