gradSince its inception in 2008, Focus on Excellence has been a leading college preparatory program in Northeast Florida, with the goal of delivering its scholars the best possible college or university and the best possible financial package.
To accomplish this goal, students must be prepared for college level success. Focus on Excellence offers its scholars academic, emotional and social reparation.

Academic Preparation

Focus on Excellence encourages students to take tough courses and not only make good grades, but obtain scholarship level GPA’s. To achieve this, we provide:
• Personalized academic counseling and tutoring
• ACT and SAT preparation
• Individual college and scholarship counseling
• On-going grade, attendance and homework checks with students and teachers
• Individual mentoring as needed

Emotional Preparation

If the first time away from home is the first day of college, the result may not be a good one. Focus on Excellence strives to teach our scholars self-sufficiency, self-control and self-reliance through the challenges of travel and personal growth. Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher participate in a three-week summer adventure. Adventurers discover new skills while hiking, camping, climbing, rafting and completing community service projects.

Social Preparation

Focus on Excellence provides social interaction through mandatory Saturday workshops. Students take part in team building exercises and spend collective time together while forming new friendships. Workshops are led by teachers and motivational speakers and cover a variety of topics including study skills, time management, organization, leadership, communication, goal setting and public speaking.
By providing structured support and applying the right strategies, we help our students set challenging goals and prepare for a successful academic future.

Focus on Excellence provides help, not a free ride. Our scholars receive partial scholarships to attend participating private high schools that offer a true college prep experience. Families are responsible for expenses that are not covered by our program or partner schools.

To qualify for our program, a student must be entering ninth grade with at least a 3.3 GPA and be accepted by a partner high school. Selection is based on superior performance in middle school and recommendations from current teachers and staff. Parents of the student must meet financial requirements to prove need. In addition, the student must complete the formal interview process, write an essay as to why they should be considered for the program and agree to meet monthly with Focus on Excellence staff. The student must also plan to attend college.